Returning to our roots

The history of coffee began in Yemen when a shepherd noticed that his sheep would gain energy from eating the fruit of the coffee plant. After trying it himself, he discovered the benefits of the coffee bean, and the history of the world’s favorite beverage began.

Yemeni coffee beans are heralded as some of the best in the world. The location, climate, soil and elevation of the land provides an ideal environment for growing the most flavorful plants — and that, mixed with the history, dedication, and passion of the local farmers is what makes the taste of Yemeni coffee remains unparalleled.

Naturally, our story of creating specialty coffee began in Yemen.
It was our goal to produce coffee that stayed true to its natural qualities while also delivering a robust taste, right from the cradle of its origin — but this was no easy task.

To plant our crops, we travelled across difficult terrain to a remote area where we could grow our coffee beans in the most ideal conditions.
We faced:
Rugged mountains!

Unpaved roads!

Trenches of mud!

Civil war!!!
We studied the area, learned the soil, and researched the local plant life until we found a winning combination for our crops.

We rehabilitated the land and trained local farmers to use specialized growing techniques to yield coffee beans that deliver a refined taste. Our experts showed them how to nurture the plants, maintain their growth, and delicately harvest the beans to preserve the flavor.

Once our farmers were qualified, we excitedly awaited the growing season — but then, the civil war started!!!
We had two choices: either give up our dream or do whatever it takes to continue on.
We chose to move forward and to protect the new members of our family, which not only included our farmers and coffee trees, but the local community that we’d come to support as well.
Our neighbors showed us love, helping to protect our coffee farms when we faced difficult times, which allowed us to survive through to harvest season, when we proudly welcomed the fruits of our labor.

Once the coffee was harvested, we chose the best site within our farms to place our beds to dry our beans using nature’s way: sunlight. When the flavor had fully matured, we preserved its freshness with high quality packaging to seal in the taste and the right amount of humidity.

Then came the next challenge: getting our coffee to our customers.
The roads were very difficult to pass, and we faced many challenges from the war. When we finally arrived at our central warehouse, our transport was attacked. We refused to give up our harvest — one that we’d worked so hard for — so we paid our attackers money to allow us to carry on.
It was a rough setback, but we decided we would not let it overshadow our mission of producing the finest coffee we had ever tasted.
We purified our coffee beans, and then separated the peel by hand.

Next, we classified each bean by size so that our customers could roast each and every one at the ideal temperature to achieve the best possible quality.
The aroma that came off the roast let us know that we had accomplished what we’d set out to do.
To maintain the flavor all the way from our farm to your coffee shop, we packaged our beans according to the highest quality standards.
Now, to keep our future harvests safe, we have moved our warehouse facility to Saudi Arabia where we know they will be safe. Transportation within the region remains dangerous, but to this day, we have never lost a crop.
The end result of our struggle was worth it. Today, we are proud to produce coffee that offers you nature’s very best. Ready to try? Our coffee awaits.