May 5, 2020

Barcelona Untalented 6

“Jolie Foulée !”

Jolie Foulée – which means ‘nice stride’ in English – is a runner’s compliment. A subtle nod to the effortless grace we’re all chasing. In France, Jolie Foulée has become synonymous with something else: a running crew that brings freshness and humour to a sport that can sometimes appear too serious for its own good. You’re just as likely to see the members of Jolie Foulée giving their all on the dancefloor as you are to see them logging dawn miles. You’re most likely to see them doing both: putting in some 6 am intervals along the Canal de L’Ourcq in Paris after crossing paths at the close of the night before.

“Barcelona Untalented” is a film about the alternative approach to running Jolie Foulée are pioneering. They take you along for a weekend at the Barcelona Half-Marathon as they chase parties and PRs.

“Would you manage to get up for training almost every morning or 5 times a week, if you were on your own ?”
Thibaud St. Bernard

Mario Fraioli

words by: Mario Fraioli

Head coach at Ekiden and writer of the morning shakeout. I help runners get faster and keep readers on their toes.